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It's All Perspective

Posted on 4/2/2014

It is all a matter of perspective. Your life experience is always just a matter of how you view the events, circumstances, and people that surround you. Too many people make an art of looking for wrongs, flaws, faults, and the negative--the differences. They should look for the good, positive, beneficial, uplifting side--the commonalities. This negatively influences your experience. You see, life is always all GOOD although there may be moments of pain and suffering. You cannot appreciate the GOOD if there was never anything else.


Your perspective determines the quality of your existence and the impact of your experiences. There is no reason, even in the worst of circumstances, to doubt that you are a wonderfully created being who has a contribution to make in the world. One of the best contributions anyone can make is to keep a proper perspective.


Challenge your perspectives at any given time. Ask yourself are you reaching for the best of yourself--the higher more evolved version of you. If you cannot answer "yes", you need to change your lens, adjust your vision, and look through your spiritual eyes as you connect with your Higher Self and interact with others. The outcomes of your experiences are always interactions between you and GOD and not about other people.


When challenging your perspectives, drop all labels of "right", "wrong", "good", "bad" and open yourself to the idea, the fact that your experiences are opportunities to evolve and shine your light in the middle of challenges and darkness. Never forget that your light can and will help illuminate the way for others.


Keep a positive, forward looking, self-evolving perspective or you will miss the beauty interwoven in each experience that life offers you in each moment.




Adjust your lens on life and maintain a GOD-centered perspective. Know that, there is beauty and joy interwoven in every situation, circumstance, and person you encounter. In reality, everything is truly all GOOD, in all ways...always!


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   4/2/2014



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