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Ellen EdmondsonMedium ~ Writer ~ Spirit Artist ~ Intuitive Coach

The Soul's Language

Posted on 4/30/2014

The soul has a language all its own--spoken through acts of unconditional love and goodness--and supported by characteristics that should become the cornerstone of every life. Embracing these characteristics on a daily basis and living them in their fullness, is when you connect to that which is greater than your physical being--your soul and GOD.


As you enter the month of MAY, Spirit will explore the characteristics of the soul through a series of writings. Each one will address how you incorporate a particular trait into your life and make it a cornerstone leading you from who you currently are into who you really are--the likeness and image of GOD--and how to live it more consciously. Fully embracing these traits through daily reflection and meditation, your life will begin to open up in new ways you may not have imagined before receiving this understanding.  


Read and re-read the writings. Let them resonate within you, let the messages penetrate into your inner being and help you access the internal chambers that contain the true essence of who you really are. Then, share the information with others through your example.


Know that what you give your attention to will begin to manifest itself into your life experience. Whatever you think about, you become so spend some time pondering the qualities discussed in these writings. Doing this, will help you draw them into your reality and create a new way of being that deepens your connection with your soul and strengthens your connection and communication with GOD.



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   4/30/2014              


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