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Your Unique Contribution

Posted on 4/27/2014

There is much beauty in what each of you has to offer. Do not doubt your unique contribution to the world. Just spend time working on yourself to bring your energy in alignment with the Divine Creator and watch what begins to unfold for you. 


Meditate, pray, and embrace silence. Let the wisdoms of the universe flow to you and through you. Spirit is always with you. Your connectedness to the totality of life and all that is divine will benefit not only yourself but many others as well.


Stay in peace, stay connected, and know that you are loved--unconditionally.




Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   4/16/2014              


Let Your Light Shine!






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        October 2022


All souls are one. Each is a spark of the original soul, and this soul is inherent in all souls.

~Hasidic Saying~

       October 2022


I am a strong, kind and loving soul.

~Ellen Edmondson~

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