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Everything is a Choice

Deepen Your Connection with Your Soul

Posted on 4/10/2016

Everything in life is a choice you reach for. You choose to be successful or unsuccessful--whatever that means for you. Your life is exactly how you thought and continue to think it into existence.


Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions create the situations and circumstances you encounter. Where you live, how you interact with others, and your overall plight is a combination of a series of choices made in part by you and in part by those around you who are great influencers in your life story.


It isn't until you stand firmly within your divine self that you grasp this insight with complete understanding and a full conscious realization that--YOU--are your own best friend or worse enemy depending on the thoughts you think, the behaviors you exhibit, and how you let these things inform and become the foundation of your interactions with all others.


At every moment in your life with every decision you make and every action you take, interact most lovingly regardless of others' actions or reactions toward you. Choose to think, be, and do everything with the intention of serving the highest good in Life--yours and others--and an abundance of goodness, richness, and blessings full of GOD's grace, mercy, and bountiful divine offerings will be yours now and always. A heart leaning into the Law of Good (GOD) and Unconditional Love is always rewarded.


Choose to act and react from a space of LOVE for self and others, at all times, and know that there will be positive results within yourself and throughout all your relationships and encounters.


Your every thought, decision, and action is a choice. If you want better for yourself and those around you...


Choose Wisely!

Inspired writing by Ellen Edmondson on 4/10/2016

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