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How May I Serve?

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 8/24/2014

As for Me and My House, We will Serve the Lord


--Joshua 24:15--

How may I serve? Each day upon waking, make this intention known. Then take a minute to be quiet and let the answer reveal itself to your heart.


When you announce to the Universe that you are ready and willing to do GOD’s work, you open yourself to the desires of the Divine. Throughout the day, bless all whom you encounter with the gift of your loving, peace-filled, joy-filled presence knowing that you are GOD’s hands and feet in the world. Be conscious of the energy and efforts you leave behind with people. Your generous, gentle, caring spirit should be an example others want to follow.


Keep your thought, words, and deeds full of love and light so you stay useable by GOD. Always remember that you are a channel, a vessel through which GOOD and GOD can flow to reach others and illuminate their way. Help to lighten dark places with your presence and your desire to serve Divine Love.



Be conscious of the impact your life has on others. Ask GOD’s presence to awaken within you so you can use your gifts—thoughts, talents, skills, and abilities--to uplift and bless those around you. Your daily prayer should be…Thy will be done in every moment of everyday.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  8/23/2014            


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