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Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 8/14/2014

My Dear Precious One,


                You are created in my image. This is a transcendent truth which each of you knows deep within your inner being. You are on an evolutionary path to gain conscious knowledge of this truth and live it with all your beingness. Each of you has the capacity to love as I love and to do as I do, as the best in you is a reflection of me. It is only the desires of your personality self that wants to keep you mired in the ways of your physical world. You are in the world but must not acquiesce to the ways of the world. Your task is to work on your Self lovingly to overcome your less than loving aspects. You must evolve your way back to the essence from whence you came—ME, Divine Love.

              You see, you will always make your way back to ME whether consciously through love, joy, peace, and harmony or unconsciously through various forms of pain and suffering--you decide through your free will. You were birthed from my essence and to my essence, you shall return. The key to this project you call life is to awaken spiritually, align with my divine will, become my reflection for others, and then experience all the bliss you can throughout your incarnation.

                You are created in my likeness. Once you consciously embrace this truth and make it the foundation of your existence, you begin to live an awakened life free from any bondage to your external world. You live peacefully, joyfully, and harmoniously united as One with all that is and ever will be. You will live life the way it should be lived—in paradise--, evolve your Self the way you are meant to evolve, and touch the world in the ways you are meant to leave your mark. Every loving and creative act you perform will honor ME—your Divine Creator.

                Yes, you see….I am within you and you are within me. We cannot exist without each other. We are in a sacred co-creative partnership that extends beyond all time and space realities. Use our divine connection for good--to uplift, inspire, and encourage all in every situation or circumstance you encounter. You are a beautiful extension of ME. You must use your life to love and bless one another just as I love and bless each of you.

              You are my Light in the world. Be the brilliant being I created you to be that only knows love without limits and good in all its forms. Will your actions be perfect throughout your entire life path? No, I do not expect them to be. You were not created to be perfect. You were created to LEARN, GROW, and EVOLVE into your highest expression, which always leads you back to ME.


             You are designed to provide Light in dark places along your way. Align with My Will and do your part to live pure unconditional love. If each person does this, then together we can ensure peace prevails, compassion and equality for all, humankind is uplifted, and the exquisite beauty of this planet is preserved properly for all future generations to come.


I say to each of you, “Go forth. You are the Light of the world. Let your light shine before all. So that they may see the good works that you do and give glory to GOD.”


My Peace, Love, and Blessings be unto My Precious Child,

Divine Love

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  8/13/2014            


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