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Your World is Your Mirror

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 8/10/2014

Your world is your mirror. So, stop, look around first at your own life and then the world in general. Assess what you see. Is it full of unconditional love--for self and others, faith, hope, compassion, and prosperity? Do you want more of what is or do you need a change?


You see, your external world reflects your internal consciousness. How is your physical body, relationships, finances, living space, emotional state, life balance, joy, inner peace, etc.?


Answer these questions honestly. Then, take steps to improve the reflection you see. Change your conditions by changing, upgrading your energy. If you want things to be different, to be better you have to do things differently, do things better. Change your reality from the inside out so you move from who you are to who you are really meant be—a reflection of GOD's unconditonal love, compassion, and peace.


You see,

  • If you desire unconditionally loving and nurturing relationships, you have to BE unconditionally loving and nurturing.
  • If you desire more stability and freedom in your finances, you have to BE more disciplined and focused with how you handle your money.
  • If you want more balance in your life, you have to BE balanced by setting boundaries with others, being disciplined with your time, and setting priorities with your activities.
  • If you want more serenity and peace in your living space, BE organized, clutter and chaos free.
  • If you want more joy and inner peace, than BE joy-filled and peace-filled in every moment of every day in all your activities.
  • If you want emotional balance—worry and stress-free, BE serene and centered by choosing your thoughts wisely and living in faith always.


You have to BE what you want. When you put your intentions, your desires out into the world, your life and others will respond to you accordingly. Giving you more of what you want.


Know that, you evolve into your best world one unconditionally loving, caring, and compassionate thought at a time. The conditions of your personal world, and overall humankind, will change for the better when YOU begin to change for the better. Your life will automatically move in the direction of your loving thoughts, words, and deeds. You will manifest a new and improved experience for yourself and for every life you touch.


Start in small ways but START TODAY. Make choices that support your Self, others, and the world in aligning with the highest good for all.


Let your personal world reflect your divinity. This way, each time you get quiet and go within, you hear that still, small voice saying “well done my good and faithful servant”. 


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  8/9/2014            


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