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A Fulfilled Life

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 8/30/2015

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul?

~Mark 8:36~

A FULFILLED LIFE does not require you to travel to foreign lands, accomplish great feats, or achieve fame, status, or wealth. These things do not quench the deep thirst of the soul to connect to something "more" that it knows. For you see, the path to a truly fulfilled life is an inner journey, and you need only do the following.... 

Seek to know GOD.


Tuck divine wisdoms in your heart


Surrender to GOD's call on your life.


Be pure in your thoughts, words, and deeds--

   hold only unconditionally loving intentions for self and others at all times.


Know you are special.


Know you are loved.


Be an open vessel for GOD's good works

    to flow through what you were created to be.


Use your life to bless the world.


Should you do these things, they lead to GOD's abundance and prosperity throughout all the days of your existence. You will live A FULFILLED LIFE.


Inspired writing by Ellen Edmondson on 8/29/2015

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