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Do Better, Be Better

Posted on 12/29/2013

Constantly strive to DO BETTER and BE BETTER in every moment. You are not striving to be better than others are but better than you were a day ago, a moment ago, a second ago. Continually challenge yourself to be your best at all times. Since you are a work-in-progress, it is easy to slip into patterns of behaviors that are less than unconditionally loving as you try to move to higher ways of existing in your thoughts, words, and actions. The task for each person is to live in a conscious state of continual self-examination for continued self-improvement. Stop and ask yourself these questions several times throughout the day. . .


Right now, 

Do my thoughts reflect GOD's loving thoughts?

Do my words reflect GOD's loving words?

Do my actions and behaviors reflect GOD's loving interactions?


If you cannot answer "yes" to any or all of these questions, you need to stop and make a correction--without condemnation and guilt--but with self-love and a true desire to be better. Self-knowledge empowers you on your journey toward becoming a better YOU. Every individual is on the same self-improvement journey. Each person's experiences and circumstances are different, but the goal is the same--to be the best person you can be--to live and walk in your divinity in every moment.


As each new year approaches, it is not making and keeping resolutions that is important. It is striving in each second of your life to love yourself unconditionally and show the world who you really are. Through self-examination and self-correction, offer the beauty of your soul to the people who surround you everyday--no matter how brief the encounter. When you externalize the divine nature that resides in your core, you show others the Presence of GOD.


Make time each day to examine your progress toward your divinity. When you see a disconnect between where are you and where you need to be, make a correction, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. 


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 12/27/2013




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Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.


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I love and accept who I am, not who I will be or should be..


~Ellen Edmondson~

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