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GOD Is Within You

Posted on 12/1/2013

GOD IS WITHIN YOU. When you awaken to and accept the fact that the Divine resides within you and is not external to you, It will reach out and embrace everything around you. It will discover the same Presence in people, in events, and in all nature. The Divine Life is in everyone and everything.   


Here are two questions to consider as you move along your life's path...


  • How can I expect to recognize the presence of GOD (GOOD) in the world if I refuse to see GOD (GOOD) in all the people I meet? 


  • How can I find GOD (GOOD) in the people I meet and the events that occur around me unless I have first discovered GOD (GOOD) at the center of my own being?  


You cannot.


Make time each day to connect with the center of your being and strengthen your relationship with GOD (through prayer, meditation, and affirmations). This will open your spiritual eyes to recognize the presence of GOD in everyone and everything. It will bring out your own divinity and enable you to bring forth wisdoms and insights from the Divine Creator that directs your steps along your life's journey.


 GOD is right where you are.

Spend time nurturing your relationship with the Divine.


By Ellen Edmondson on 11/30/2013




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