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You Are Special

Posted on 12/19/2013

When you look for personal validation outside of yourself, you are subservient to your ego, which needs this kind of self-promotion to help it feel special and justified in its perspective.  


You need to go within and know from your core that no matter what anyone else thinks or says--YOU ARE SPECIAL AND HAVE BEEN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. You are a divine creation from GOD who loves you more than words can express.


This is the case for each individual on the planet. However, most people disconnect from this truth. They live as if they are the sole director of their lives and that is not the case. Each person is a co-creator with the Great and Mighty GOD who created this universe, world, and everything in it. Nothing is by chance or accident. 


Everything is divinely ordered, perfectly placed, and well timed. Each experience is for your learning and growth. Every situation and circumstance shows up to help shape your heart and mind into the image and likeness of your Divine Creator. All of it is to draw you into a deeper connection with your soul and a special intimate relationship with GOD.



You are special...You are loved...Always.





Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 4/11/2013

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