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EVERYONE Is Your Teacher

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 12/21/2014

EVERYONE is your teacher. People come together in relationships to learn what you must from each other to help move you further into a greater part of yourself and your divine destiny. No matter the label—family, friend, acquaintance, or passerby—all relationships are stepping stones to the something greater you are meant to experience and accomplish at any given time. In the overall divine picture of life, nothing is ever lost in relationships even if they appear tumultuous or dissolve. Relationships can change form; however, experiences cannot be erased and will always exist within each person as references or reminders of lessons learned and encounters shared.


Know that all is always well for everyone. There is never a “wrong” when there is growth, maturity, evolution and progress. All is always “right” especially when a relationship teaches you to be stay true to yourself and to GOD. So…be grateful for every encounter and the experience it brings—good or not so good. Everyone is a teacher for you as well as you for them. Let YOUR life set the example for offering love, kindness, and compassion in all situations.


Bless each person with your thoughts and words and do not criticize or judge them. Leave each individual to figure out their own lessons and growth as you work on yours. Know that on some level you are enriched by every experience of another evolving soul no matter how brief, how long, or the type of exchange. All is ultimately working on each of your behalves.



Every person participates in encounters that aid their soul’s on-going evolution. Know that each of you is always part of another’s divine plan. Be compassionate and kind to all as you would want others to be with you. You are each on the same personal and spiritual journey toward fulfillment and enlightenment although your paths are uniquely your own. Always choose to act with a loving intent.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  12/20/2014          


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