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Forgive & Free Yourself

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 2/19/2014

Give forgiveness and free yourself from the bondage of your hurt. Turn the other cheek and stay focused on the GOOD within yourself and within the soul of the person who wronged you. Keep in mind, the perpetrator is not aligned with Divine Love and is unconscious of the impact of their actions.


You are all GOD's children. It is up to each of you to reflect GOD's love and not harbor grudges, anger, revenge, resentment, bitterness, etc. These negative emotions DISCONNECT YOU from your Divine Source. They lead you to a misaligned state like your perpetrator. Then YOU live life out of sync with GOD. Let go of hurts and heal yourself. Trust that the universe will repay you with blessings for any wrongs you have suffered.


No one is immune to experiencing the affects of forgiveness. Each one of you will offend and become offended during this lifetime. It is part of your life's journey. Experiencing both giving and receiving forgiveness deepens your understanding of compassion and aids in your spiritual evolution.






It is not always easy but forgiveness is necessary for a peace-filled life. Model unconditional love for the perpetrator and yourself and you will be the reflection of GOD. Know that forgiveness DOES NOT mean agreement with, acceptance of, or ignoring a wrong. You should never allow yourself to be mistreated. Instead, it means opening YOUR heart, extending compassion, and understanding to someone who is hurting and in need of GOD's unconditional love. Offering love may or may not help the perpetrator but it will heal yourself and reconnect you to who you are really are—love, light, and GOOD.


Forgiveness frees YOU from the bondage of your pain and suffering. It keeps your heart open and loving so GOD can use you as a vessel for GOOD works.




Experiencing hurts and wrong doings are inevitable throughout a lifetime. Be willing to offer and receive forgiveness so you can maintain your connection with the Divine and live a compassionate, peace-filled, and unconditionally loving life.



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 2/18/2014


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