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The Foundation of All Life

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 2/5/2014

The foundation of all life is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Your soul longs for unconditional love, however, your ego can push it away. Always align with the desires of your soul, which is your connecting point to GOD. When you receive unconditional love, it is like meeting GOD face to face. When you give unconditional love, you are walking hand in hand with GOD in a total state of surrender doing the biddings of the Divine Creator in the world.


Give unconditional love away to others at all times so your life becomes a love letter of praise and thanksgiving to the Divine for all the blessings, joyous moments, and growth opportunities you have experienced during your personal journey and for all the wonderment that is still to come.


Through the love you give to every person you encounter in every moment along your life's path, you show your deep appreciation to GOD and your actions say "Thank you for loving me" and "Thy will be done".


Let your light shine and let your life make a positive difference.



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 9/21/2013


Let Your Light Shine!






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