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The Small Moments

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 2/15/2015

Life is truly lived in the small moments. Pure love is experienced in the simplest ways. For you see, life is not complicated, complex, or intricate. It is the “in and out” of each breathe, the simple kindnesses shared, the unconditionally loving thoughts held, compassionate acts performed, and the peace that fills you upon quieting your mind--even for a single moment each day--to connect to that which is greater than you—GOD.


You see, the bigness, the grand design, and the great miracles in life are experienced in the amount of love and joy you find in your everyday activities—the small moments. It is not tied to grand accomplishments, material success, great fame, or the next big idea. It is living the “I AM” of life—just being present and finding joy and blessings where you are—in every single moment. Embrace the seemingly ordinary with great awareness and love. When you do this, you live in the extraordinary details of life. You live in its full beauty, complete truth, and the grandness it has to offer.


For you see, when you come to the end of your experience, it is not how much did you accomplish that matters most. It is… how much did you love others unconditionally, how much joy did you embrace, create, and share, and how much compassion, encouragement, and support you extended to others. It is in these divine experiences--encountered in the ordinary everyday moments--where life is truly lived.  

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  2/14/2015        


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