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New Year, New Hope

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 1/1/2014

Each New Year brings anticipation and hope for better tomorrows. As you enter this next year, let your efforts focus on building your trust and faith in the Divine. Knowing that all is well and as it should be in your life. Your freedom of choice determines how you will move through the course of the year with each victory and each challenge that comes your way. Approach every circumstance with the outlook that it is ultimately for your good--your growth and development—and you will weather any adversity with an understanding that you are being molded and shaped for better things to come in your life. All situations and circumstances create opportunities to shape your hearts and minds into the image of GOD so you can go forward--turn your tests into testimonies--and do the GOOD work of the Divine Creator--giving and receiving unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, beauty, and truth.


This New Year and each year is about your conscious spiritual awakening to the beauty and truth that surrounds you at any moment but is often missed due to the hectic pace of human life which closes down hearts and minds. Make a commitment to slow down, embrace, and enjoy the Presence of GOD that is all around you in every moment of everyday. GOD’s presence is never here to punish or harm. GOD offers only GOOD and brings only GOOD into your life, if you allow it. Sure, loving corrections happen when you get off track. These loving corrections come in the form of a mirror reflecting back the consequences of your own choices (as individuals or as a collective group), however carefully thought out or carelessly made. It is up to each of you to self-correct and then move into the space of basking in the love and light of GOD.


Yes, embrace this New Year with anticipation of what is to come—both good and challenging--knowing that you are on the crafting board of the Divine Creator who only wants the best for you and will give you the desires of your heart if you will enter an intimate relationship with this loving Presence. Let Divine Love lead and guide your life.


As the new year enters your existence, don’t focus on time--minutes, hours, days, months--but on creating moments in your life that have a lasting impact on all who you meet. For it is the loving gestures and the good feeling sentiments created that ensure your spirit and GOD’s presence exist forever in the hearts and minds of every life you touch.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 12/31/2013



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