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You Are Interconnected

Posted on 1/15/2014

Your spiritual evolution comes through the realization that everyone and everything is interconnected. Your spiritual task is to fully participate in your interconnectedness by. . .


Sharing with...Learning from...Experiencing…Embracing...Encouraging…Supporting...Uplifting… & Offering Compassion to....EACH OTHER.


You are all here to experience the beauty of community on this wonderful planet. Not criticisms, comparisons, judgments, separation, or lack but connections that help support each other to be their best, see the best, and share the best of himself or herself with everyone you encounter.


There are common threads in all experiences that run throughout humanity like joy, grief, laughter, pain, happiness, struggles, etc. It is up to each of you to open your spiritual eyes to witness, experience, and understand the commonalities and bond around these points versus dividing around the differences. It is not hard to live and interact from a place and space of love when you can see and accept in others the beauty and the same complexities that exist within yourself. When you see and understand you share the same basic needs, hopes, desires, dreams, insecurities, doubts, fears, pain, and struggles as others, you understand there is no difference—you are all one in many different bodies experiencing the fullness life has to offer for your growth.


By sharing love and compassion with others, you can overcome and minimize the effects of lack, doubt, and fearful thinking that blind you to your oneness with all of humanity. Embrace the beauty and strength that resides within each of you. Recognize that unconditional love, compassion, and common experiences are your connection point with each other regardless of any differences.   

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 1/11/2014

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