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Love, Peace, Harmony, & Good

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 1/4/2015

In this New Year, strive to consciously hold love, peace, harmony, and good in your being at all times. Let these four intentions guide how you interact with all whom you encounter throughout this upcoming year.  There is much power, insight, and wisdom to be gained when you hold on to these truths and let them guide your experience in the midst of your everyday activities.


Start each day by affirming these intentions—“Love, peace, harmony, and good guide all my activities and interactions throughout this day and every day.” 


Then at the end of each day lovingly self-evaluate your actions and interactions by answering the following--“how and how often did I express love today to myself and others?”, “how well did I hold on to my inner peace and create peace-filled situations or encounters for myself and others?” and “how did I create or promote harmony and good in my relationship with myself, others, and the world-at-large?”


After answering these questions, if there are any areas you need to strengthen, commit to it for the next day.  You see, when you consciously commit to live and promote love, peace, harmony, and good, you consciously affirm your alignment with GOD and your desire to reflect GOD’s loving presence in the world.


Consciously make these four attributes the essence of your Being and you will ultimately live the life you are destined to live.



Be love, peace, harmony, and good. Let your Being exist as these godly traits and you will live the life you are meant to live. You will exist as the person you are really meant to be—a child of GOD introducing love, kindness, and compassion into this magnificent world and making the difference you came here to make.

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  1/3/2015        


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