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What You Give is What You Get

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 1/18/2015

What you give in life is what you get back so only put into the world that which YOU want to receive.


For example:

  • Judge and criticize others, you will be judged and criticized.
  • Cheat others, you will be cheated.
  • Gossip about others, you will be gossiped about.
  • Talk or think negative, you will attract negative occurrences.
  • Offer kindness and compassion to others, you will receive kindness and compassion in return.
  • Love others unconditionally; you will be loved unconditionally by others.
  • Respect others, you will be respected.
  • Forgive others, you will be forgiven by others.


You see, life mirrors for you—through the quality of your relationships and experiences--how you are using your existence to affect others. Are your relationships fulfilling, happy, joyous encounters or do others cringe before or after your exchange?          


Understand that the energy you put out into the world is what is constantly returning back to you in some form. If you do not like the conditions in your life, in any small or large way, take an inventory of your thoughts, words, and behaviors. Just as you co-create your destiny with the Divine, you co-create the quality of your life and relationships with your fellow human beings so….


Stop and take some time to refocus and recalibrate your existence. Focus your thoughts, your actions, and your behaviors so they are firmly rooted in a conscious awareness and intention to live in GOOD (GOD) at all times.  Then watch the quality and conditions of your relationships and your overall existence improve. If they are already good, they will get even better. If they are in need of repair, offer humility, love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and support then watch as the healing and repairs begin.


Know that what you put out into the world is truly what you receive in return in some form. If you want better in your life, only put out energy related to good, love, and light and that is what will return to you.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  1/17/2015        


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