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Be Open to Receive

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 7/27/2014

How open are you to receive the amount of love making itself available to you in any given moment? That “I’m thinking of you” phone call you received, that smile and nod from a stranger, the door held open, a word of encouragement, sage advice at just the right time, a birthday card, a ride given, dinner made, a warm embrace, a butterfly drifting by, a beautiful nature scene outside your window, and so much more.


You see, all of it is a love offering to you. It is the presence of DIVINE LOVE making itself known in your life and offering its gifts to you—validation, appreciation, and unconditional love. The key is do you recognize it? Do you acknowledge it? Do you embrace it? On the other hand, do you miss it or pass it off as insignificant or menial? When you look at life through your spiritual eyes, you come to realize EVERY kind act from every person is rooted in LOVE—no matter how big or small. All kindness comes from the wellspring of a Being connected, on some level, to its SOURCE. Divine Love will show itself to you through others’ connection.


Do not get caught up in holding an expectation of how LOVE should present itself in order for you to accept it. LOVE in all its glory is ANYTHING kind, compassionate, thoughtful, or GOOD no matter how it shows up. It is in everyone and everything that brings support and comfort to you along your daily journey. LOVE always uplifts, encourages, and inspires you. Because of your incredible value and worthiness, love offerings present themselves to you in every moment of every day whether you recognize it or not—whether you open to it or not. Just remember, when you are open to receive love, the Universe will give you more love to take in.


So…slow down. Take a look around. Do not overlook, dismiss, belittle, or criticize ANY kind gesture offered to you no matter how big or small or its form. Love offerings are there to remind you that you are valued and appreciated more than realize. Just be aware, be open, and be ready to embrace the love in your life that exists in every moment of everyday. When you do this with a grateful heart, you will be filled with joy.



Set an intention each day to be more aware of the many love offerings made to you by others and by GOD. Bask in the beauty of this love and let it fill your soul. Let the feelings of appreciation and worthiness resonate within you and support you in living life from your highest good. 


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  7/26/2014            


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