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Called to Freedom

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 7/9/2014

Do you hear that? Do you hear the call? It is your soul summoning you to LOVE unconditionally and beckoning you to a life of freedom, joy, peace, and harmony.


Answering the call to LOVE is answering the call to spiritual freedom—(1) freedom from negativity and limitations, and (2) freedom to live in harmony with your soul and your SOURCE. You see, you cannot live shackled in any way when residing in the space of unconditional love. LOVE is liberating. It unbinds what was once bound. It uncaps the fountain of living waters to flow to you and through you to help uplift humanity and the world.


When you answer the call to LOVE (GOD’s will), you answer the call to liberate your soul from the bondage of YOU--the personality. You see, your soul soars on the wings of unconditional love. Freedom, joy, peace, and harmony flow from unconditional love. A life lived to honor SPIRIT (LOVE) is free from the confines of the external world.


Until you answer your soul’s call, you will feel a longing for something greater that is just out of reach. Your soul wants the “more” that is waiting for you in every moment. You just have to reach for it, stretch yourself. Awaken and embrace your highest state of being—LIVE A LIFE OF PURE LOVE.


You see, freedom is releasing all falsities and living in the One truth—LOVE is the answer. It is the answer to all questions for today, tomorrow, and in all your yesterdays—what should have been--LOVE, what is--LOVE, and what will always be—LOVE. This force brings everything together and puts it all in the highest perspective. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the presence of GOD at work. 


When you hear the call to LOVE--both giving and receiving—ANSWER. DO NOT HESITATE. Embrace freedom, liberate your soul, and FLY.



Never miss an opportunity to answer the Call to Spiritual Freedom by answering the Call to Love Unconditionally—everyone and everything at all times.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  7/8/2014            


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Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom.


~Rabindranath Tagore, 1861-1941~

          May 2023


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