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Life is a Process

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 7/21/2014

Your life is a never-ending process. It is about the continuous unfolding of who you are into who you are really meant to be in every moment of every day. When on track with aligning with who you really are--the full expression of your soul--you experience a deep sense of peace, love, joy, fulfillment, and harmony with all.


The process is not about acquiring accomplishments and getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It is about experiencing your Self with every thought you think, every choice you make (or do not make), and how you handle every experience your encounter. It is about how you open your heart and mind to live and love your Self and others along your spiritual path. And, it is about savoring the wisdom each situation and circumstance imparts to you through every high and low, every triumph and tragedy, and every positive and negative aspect.


You see, the process is about HOW you move through your life experiences to evolve your Self into the something “more” you are always being called to experience by your inner being. Along your way, you should value each experience knowing that it is comprised of fleeting moments that pass by too quickly and become instant memories.


The true beauty in life is your “becoming”. Your thoughts, words, decisions, and actions in every experience should always answer the call to move you in the direction of “becoming” unconditional love so that you are the mirror image of your Divine Creator—the likeness of GOD. In all situations, choose to rise up and do better, thus, be better,—live the highest expression of your SELF!


You see, stop looking and living for final answers, results, and outcomes and start savoring your moments and lessons—“good” and “bad”. Experience and acknowledge where you are in your personal evolution and life will naturally lead you where you need to go next. Always remember, the moments in your process is where you make memories, experience love, shape character, and--when connected—allow your soul to emerge to leave its fingerprint and lasting legacy on humanity in amazing ways.


Know that the ultimate key to life is…ENJOY THE PROCESS. Do not try to live in the absolutes of life instead flow with the process. The only absolute is the final release of your physical body and your soul’s reemergence back into pure positive energy and love--back to Spirit. Until this happens…


Live, Love, Enjoy, & EVOLVE!


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  7/21/2014            


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