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Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 6/29/2014








When you find beauty in each moment, you are truly living spiritually awake and present in your life. You see, the present moment is all that really exists and each moment is a gift. Nothing that ever happens is just routine, mundane, uneventful, or “bad” when you come to understand GOD’s Divine Presence is with you and willing to guide you in your experiences in every moment if you will embrace this divine offer.


Stop “going through the motions” in your daily routines and start “living in wonder and awe” of the continual beauty and blessings you experience. Look for the moments of laughter, love, joy, friendship, gratitude, accomplishment, kindnesses, etc. When you align with the beauty in your life and say “thank you for this gift” you strengthen your connection with your Creator, your Divine Source of inspiration and all that is good.


Beauty is all around. Desire to notice and experience it more. Be open to it, look for it, accept it in all its forms, and embrace it. Do not take anything for granted--a baby’s gurgle, a loving embrace, a blooming flower, each breath you take, your health and wellness, words of encouragement, kindness or courtesies extended, a loyal pet, and many, many more. Know that the amount of beauty you experience in life is proportionate to how much you are willing to allow into your awareness.


Every moment, every experience holds beauty when you understand GOD gifts it to you and this Divine Loving Presence is always right there experiencing all of it with you. Slow down, stay present, and look for the beauty. Make it a conscious practice because life is beautiful and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, stop and look around.



Stay present…stay awake… stay in awe of life and behold all the beautiful moments waiting for you to recognize and embrace them. Life truly is beautiful! Are you basking in the beauty or in something less?YOU DECIDE.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   6/28/2014            


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