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Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 6/21/2015

My Beloved Sorrow-filled Ones,


When you weep, I weep. When you feel pain, I feel your pain. When you are anguished, I feel your anguish. For you see, I am you, and you are Me. Some understand this and most do not. Those who do not, live a life guided by fear and recklessness. However, those who want what is best for ALL individuals and the entire world, feel My innermost desire for all My creations.


Realize that I always take what is meant for your harm and work it out for the good of all. I hear your prayers, and I understand your heartbreak. Know that I am ever present to bring good out of bad and light out of the darkness. I only know how to LOVE, and I choose to LOVE YOU at all times and at all costs.


When you are in what seems like your darkest hour, know I never leave you. I enfold you in My Presence and hold you in my tender loving care while you regain the strength to carry on. For you see, I need you as much as you need Me. Together we can heal and bring out the best in all humanity.


Know that heartache lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Live in the moments and memories of gladness, joy, and good times shared while understanding with a deep knowing that each soul who leaves you enters the beauty and glory of My Presence--and does so willingly. Each one leaves behind their goodness, their legacy, their love, and their light to sustain you.


Wrongs happen, but the power of love, compassion, and forgiveness help heal all situations. Feel what you need to feel to move through your pain and anguish. Then land in the light of My Love. Seek solace in Me, and I will guide you to the comfort, understanding, and eventual resolve to feel and act as I do—through LOVE. Anything less than LOVE creates more ill will and ill events. Embrace ME as I am LOVE and LOVE helps all heal and be free!


Lean on Me as I am here for you—always. With a LOVE and PEACE that surpasses all understanding.


My Love and My Peace be with you Dear Ones—always and forever,

Divine Love (GOD)



Inspired Writing by Ellen Edmondson 6/19/2015

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