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A Time For Every Purpose

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Posted on 3/2/2014

To everything...


A time for every purpose...


--Ecclesiastes 3:1--

There is a time for every purpose and the PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE IS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW. You are alive at this time in history to let your light shine brightly and leave your mark on this generation and future generations to come. Through the loving thoughts, actions, kindnesses, and compassion you display toward others, as well as through having children, you are doing your part to enhance and evolve humanity. You influence how the human race will move into the future.


Will humanity advance through the loving, positive aspects of your life or through your misaligned traits that advance the world into more turmoil, confusion, separateness, and hardened hearts? Will you use your life to teach your part of the world about unconditional love and acceptance of all? Will you show your part of the world GOD's reflection by choosing loving thoughts, words, actions, deeds?


You make a choice to promote GOOD (GOD) in humanity through your decisions and actions in each moment of each day. What are your choices reflecting or promoting about the way you are helping humanity evolve for future generations?   


You see, YOUR PURPOSE AND YOUR SEASON came the moment you were born and you took your first breath. It will end when you breathe your last breath and transition back to spirit from whence you came. Your task along the journey is to continually improve and evolve yourself spiritually so you can positively affect the people around you by encouraging and inspiring them to put forth their best efforts. In turn, those individuals will encourage and inspire all whom they encounter thus carrying this positivity forward from a ripple effect to a tidal wave effect that would eventually engulf all of humanity with unconditional love, compassion, and peace for all.


Is this thinking too grand, too idealized to become reality? No, not if people are willing to open their hearts and minds to let this concept in and morph from a thought into realized actions that are embraced, acted upon, and accepted by all.


Yes, there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun. Never doubt your purpose or anything that is happening in your life. Everything happening to you is happening for your benefit. It is happening according to a divine plan that will take your triumphs and victories and multiply the effects to help others directly or provide insights and inspiration. Your hardships and tragedies smooth out your rough edges, strengthen your faith, and help you deliver compassion, understanding, and support to those around you going through similar situations. No experience is ever lost or wasted—no exceptions—unless you let it be so.


Count every experience--good and not so good--a blessing that comes to you at the appropriate time with a divine purpose.  Know that...YOUR LIFE PURPOSE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW in this moment with the everyday choices you make which help you elevate, expand, and enhance humanity. Choose to operate from unconditional love, compassion, and kindness...always.


Seize your opportunity--GOD gives you the gift of each new day to use your season wisely and leave your positive, loving mark on the world. NOW IS YOUR TIME!


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson    3/1/2014


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