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Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 3/23/2014

Expressing appreciation for someone or something is the best way to demonstrate your love and gratitude. Appreciation is an uplifting emotion that has the creative power to change and enhance those around you and what is within you for the better. Offer words of appreciation for big and small things in your life. It helps you focus your mind on the good and ultimately helps you attract more good into your life.


Here are two simple exercises with a big impact that you can practice regularly:


Look a person--significant other, child, parent, friend, etc--in the eyes and sincerely tell them at least three things you appreciate about them this day. Do this regularly and watch the change that occurs in your relationship.


Look at a situation, circumstance, or thing--pet, home, car, etc--and find at least three things to appreciate about it and voice these aloud. Do this regularly and watch the change that occurs in your situations and circumstances.


You see, its all about energy and your state of being. If you operate from a loving place expressing appreciation and gratitude, you will attract this back to you. If the other person is able to reciprocate, your relationship will deepen, strengthen, and become enhanced or improved. You will connect on a soul level recognizing and honoring the good in each other. If the other person is unable to reciprocate through words or actions, you need to respect where they are in their growth and development. Then, love and appreciate yourself enough to get surrounded by people who can reciprocate and help elevate you into your best self.


Appreciation and love are the two most powerful emotions you can offer. It is through these that you connect the most with your soul and the Divine. Practice them regularly and watch the quality of your relationships and your life change for the better.



Everyday find someone or something to appreciate and strengthen your connection to the Divine.






Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   3/22/2014



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