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The Power of Affirmations

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 3/26/2014



Where the mind goes, the heart follows and your life displays the results.




Affirmations are powerful, positive statements that consciously train your thoughts to be uplifting and life-enhancing most of the time. They allow you to shape your experience mentally the way you want it to be. Then ultimately, what you think about yourself or others is what you will experience. Affirm positively on purpose and not negatively or by default.


Affirmations are usually, but not always, "I" statements that contain creative power. Develop a list of personal affirmations that resonate deeply with you and make them your personal mantras. Repeat them several times a day until they become the backdrop of your thought processes and a new personal belief system upon which you build your being. These statements can focus you to stay true to yourself and to connect with the Divine.


           Sample Affirmations:

  • I am LOVE.
  • I am a confident conscious creator of my experiences.  
  • I see only the best in everyone and everything.
  • I give to others what I want to receive. 
  • All is well and everything is as it should be.
  • Life is always working on my behalf.


Create them...own them...believe in them, then watch positive results show up in your life.



Take time to create a few affirmation statements of your own. Make them personal so they mean a lot to you. Memorize them, repeat them, and believe in their creative power. Focus your life to be the joy-filled, meaningful experience you want it to be and in the process make a difference. 



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   3/26/2014



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Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.


~Natalie Goldberg~

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I love and accept who I am, not who I will be or should be..


~Ellen Edmondson~

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