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Lean Into Your Faith

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 3/15/2015

When you are uncertain, have faith.

When you doubt, lean into your faith.

When you worry, stop and strengthen your faith.

For you see, GOD does not reside in anything other than faith.


When you lean into your faith, you open to receive the presence of GOD into your life.


Your faith tells you—All is well.

Your faith tells you—Everything, at this moment, is as it should be for your greater good.

Your faith tells you—Life is working to help you achieve your highest spiritual potential.


Having faith is welcoming GOD’s whispers of reassurance to your heart that say—DO NOT WORRY, DOUBT, OR FEAR. I AM HERE…ALWAYS.


Live with an unshakeable faith and you hold the creative power to live above your circumstances and stay aligned with the will of your Heavenly Father--today, tomorrow, and forevermore.


Challenges come into your life to test the strength of your faith, how boldly you are aligned with the presence of GOD, and how much you know you are loved unconditionally now and throughout all of eternity.


So...when you are challenged in anyway--LEAN INTO YOUR FAITH and love yourself and others unconditionally.


Inspired Writing by Ellen Edmondson  3/14/2015        


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