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Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 5/7/2014

Your life task is to make choices that produce the highest good for YOU at any given moment. By doing this you think, speak, and act, in alignment with your soul--your higher self--and as a byproduct you serve the best interest of not only those immediately around you but humanity as a whole. You see, your life touches and influences many other lives daily from brief encounters to acquaintances to long-term relationships. Become conscious of your life's affect and, in any given moment, examine your decisions and their potential outcomes. Will your choice move you closer to your highest good or take you farther away?


Remember, everything in your life you created whether intentionally, unintentionally or by default. OWN YOUR CHOICES. Make the decision not to give your personal power away to others by having them make the decisions on what is best for you. Only you know who you are truly meant to be and what will make your light shine. Do not put others approval or desires above satisfying your own needs. Use the powerful tool of freedom of choice to align your physical experience with the intentions of your soul, which links to the beauty and truth of Spirit.


Make decisions that deepen your connection with your inner being and that move your whole person--mind, body, and soul--closer to the likeness and image of your Source--GOD.



In every moment and every situation, make choices that reflect your highest good and that closes the distant between who you currently are and who you are on your way to becoming. As you align with your best self, your life will begin to manifest blessings that support your call to be better and do better in support of all humankind. 


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   5/7/2014              


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