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Infuse Negativity With Love

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 5/21/2014

Infuse negativity with love because when negativity exists, it is a cry for love. When a person does not feel heard, understood, and loved, this is usually where the roots of negativity begin.


Knowing this, do not become offended by the behaviors and attitudes of others. Do not take their negative actions or reactions personally. You never know what a person may be going through that has prompted a display of such behavior. You see, people have a deep desire to fulfill their need for love, understanding, and to soothe hurts, however, sometimes--whether consciously or unconsciously--they may go about it through negative means and anyone could be a potential target.


Keeping this in mind, becoming upset by the behaviors or attitudes of others only serves to move you away from your inner peace and connection with Spirit. Instead, infuse the person, situation, or circumstance with forgiveness and love. Send loving, compassionate thoughts their way no matter how you feel. Doing this will keep your vibration high and maintain your connection with your soul--your meeting place with GOD--which only knows love. 


It is important that you do not criticize or curse those who hurt you but bless them. Send love as this person or situation is a test of your ability to maintain the high vibration of unconditional love which keeps you connected to and acting in accord with the divine will of Divine Love--GOD.



Love diffuses negativity. Through love, you keep your heart open and stay connected to an inner peace that guides you to all that is good and beautiful around you and keeps you connected to your divinity.



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   5/20/2014            


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