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Ellen EdmondsonMedium ~ Writer ~ Spirit Artist ~ Intuitive Coach

The GOD Spark

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 5/18/2014

GOD is the giver of life to everything on this planet, in this universe, and all other dimensions and realities that exist.  If humans would take the time to quiet their conscious minds that are caught up in living in the total reality of the external world, they would come to understand and realize that every person truly is a spark of Divine Love. You are all GOD’s children and all SOURCE wants is for the prodigal children to come home. 


Go inward and reconnect with that part of yourselves that connects to GOD--deepen your connection with your soulWhen you connect back to the innate goodness that exists within yourself, you will see the GOD spark in everyone you encounter regardless of anyone’s physical appearance or preferences—race, gender, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, etc. 


GOD is in EACH INDIVIDUAL. The challenge humans have is to overcome their inability to understand and recognize the GOD spark that exists first within, then within every person, and within every living thing GOD created. Slow down and become conscious of this spark that exists within each family member, each neighbor, each community member, each fellow citizen around the world, all animals, and all nature on this wonderfully made planet.  


Take time each day to be present with the people you interact with, as well as, all of your surroundings. Look for the GOD spark--the innate goodness and beauty--that exists and honors your connection to your SOURCE.


This spark is the thread that unifies all of humanity.



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson   8/26/2013             


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I love and accept who I am, not who I will be or should be..


~Ellen Edmondson~

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