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The Best Gift

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 5/31/2015

The best gift you can give anyone is to love them unconditionally for who they really are, what they truly desire, and the talents they have to offer.



Do not have others become who they are not in order to please you--your ego-based thoughts, attitudes, and desires--so they can gain your love, acceptance, time, and attention.


You see, you are here to LOVE unconditionally. Let everyone be who they really are and exactly the way they are meant to be with their OWN desires, thoughts, talents, abilities, and perspectives. Know that the differences among people fulfill a divine purpose. They exist to teach each of you the meaning of acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness, commonalities, and many other divine lessons.  Ask yourself...


Am I learning these spiritual lessons? Am I treating everyone I encounter with unconditional love including myself? If not, awareness is the first step. Then you know what to do next...make a change.


When you try to control the behaviors of others and hold judgment, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, or anything negative towards another, you do not hold unconditional love in your heart. For you see, a heart-centered in unconditional love knows nothing else.


Stay centered and always give the best gift you can give--unconditional love. Let everyone you encounter be who they really are and know that all is well and all is by divine design for your spiritual evolution.


Inspired Writing by Ellen Edmondson 5/30/2015        


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