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To Learn & To Unlearn

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 5/17/2015

The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.


~Gloria Steinem~


It is your habits—patterns of thoughts and behaviors--that ultimately shape your destiny and the amount of pleasure or pain you experience on this journey of yours. You see, what you think…you feel. What you feel…you experience, and what you experience…shapes who you become. So it is with utmost care and concern that you should move forward in your journey paying close attention to how you think and what you feel.


For you see, the thoughts you entertain shape your world. From the most basic form of thought--a notion, idea, or concept--stems the great well-spring of goodness and fortune in your life or sets into motion a string of occurrences that bring forth unwanted--but not uninitiated by you--challenges and unfortunate happenings.


Know that you experience your life through the lens of your choosing—the perspective from which you live whether it is fear-based or love-based. If you want better in your life, choose better feeling thoughts, perspectives, and points of view, as your life will reflect back to you the energies of your thinking and the landscape of your internal world.


Always remember on your life journey it is just as important to unlearn old habits that do not serve you well as it is to learn to embrace and claim that which is your birthright—goodness, joy, peace, prosperity, abundance, and well-being at all times. Continuously work on the following:


Unlearn and release:  all self-doubt, lack of self-love, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and anything negative.


Learn and embrace: the unconditional love of self and others, faith, optimism, compassion, limitlessness, abounding joy, a peace that surpasses all understanding, and anything life-affirming.


You see when you do this, you have then centered yourself in your divinity and seated yourself in the presence of GOD at all times, and…life becomes the fantastical, wonderful, and magical journey it is meant to be for you and for those who encounter your divinity and your Light.   



Life is a continual dance of learning and unlearning. So…unlearn and release at all times what is not serving you well and embrace only that which brings you in alignment with your highest good and unleashes your greatest potential.


Inspired Writing by Ellen Edmondson 5/16/2015        


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