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Posted on 11/3/2013

If you want better in the world, each person has to come up higher in their thinking and actions toward self and others.  In order for there ever to be world peace, the healing of all people and all situations must begin with a foundation of unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance. World peace and prosperity will naturally emerge when each individual awakens to and embraces their part in not tolerating behaviors and attitudes that perpetuate negativity of any form (poverty, discrimination, criminal acts, personal agendas, etc.) and promote only the good in you and others. Each individual has to become fully accountable for their acts (thoughts, words, and deeds) to ensure that only love abounds.  This accountability should be done not with an attitude of condemnation and judgment but with loving constructive support that empowers and evolves others into their best self.  Start by doing your part to expect and only accept good from yourself and the people you encounter each day. This doesn’t mean to overlook the negative.  It means to keep it in perspective--minimize it--and stay focused on the good.  Do your part to come up higher.  For example,


  • Don’t listen to or participate in gossip or negative behaviors
  • Stop negative and divisive talk that promotes separation and harm versus unity, love, & peace 
  • Seek truth
  • Perform acts of love, compassion, and kindness
  • Hold an intention of GOOD in your heart--always (doing good deeds, being a good person, seeing only good in everyone and everything) 

Avoid anything that moves you away from being an ambassador of GOD’s love and peace.  If you do this on a personal level, you are doing your part to help heal humanity. 


Channeled By Ellen Edmondson on 6/24/2014

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