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It's All By Design

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 11/7/2013

There are no accidents or coincidences on the path to your destiny.  Each soul chooses the circumstance of its birth and establishes a plan for its life.  You choose the families you will be born into and the key people you will meet before you enter the physical world.  Don't get discouraged when you hit major turning points in your life that you don't understand.  It's all by design. It's all lessons that will help with the evolution of your soul. There are certain traits, qualities, understandings, and awareness that need to be developed in each of you. Your life circumstances provide you with the opportunities needed for your expansion.


As you go through life always remember that, in addition to destiny, you have free will.  Destiny and free will work together to give you the fullness of your experiences. You see, with free will you get to decide how you will approach your life circumstances. It can be through fear, skepticism, worry and ignorance of the bigger picture or it can be through leaning into your faith, being open to learn from the situation, having compassion for yourself and others--everyone is going through the same process, and a desire to evolve. Your growth from a situation will ensure you don't have to go through this lesson over again.  


Know that life is always working on your behalf.  It is not conspiring against you or indifferent to you.  Once you understand and fully embrace this wisdom, you can approach any circumstance with an open heart--full of faith-knowing that all is coming together for your greater good no matter how challenging it may seem. There is a divine order and reason for everything.


The greater good for each soul is evolving your capacity to give and receive unconditional love in ALL relationships and encounters. This is done by experiencing lessons in how to give and receive--compassion, forgiveness, truth, acceptance, and understanding.

Channeled By Ellen Edmondson on 11/7/2013

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