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Ellen EdmondsonAuthor ~ Medium ~ Spirit Artist ~ Intuition Coach

Problems Are Opportunities In Disguise

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 11/24/2013

What you humans label as problems and adversities are really learning and growth opportunities. They present you with important lessons you need to learn and messages you need to receive. Adversities challenge you to think and act differently so you can become more spiritually evolved. Through your problems you get the chance to ...


  • Make better choices from an improved perspective
  • Handle situations differently, more effectively
  • Refine your character - your resilience, resolve, personal integrity, inner peace, etc
  • Build your spiritual muscles of faith, acceptance, surrender, and trust


You see, in life you have to continuously work on your evolution. That is your assignment. For example, if you want to be a more forgiving person, you will encounter situations where you will be offended and need to offer forgiveness or where you will be the offender and need to ask forgiveness. The only way to evolve is to be tested. The test makes you stronger, better versions of yourselves and offers growth opportunities to shape your reflection into the image of GOD.


There is no need to become upset or frustrated with your challenging situations. You must maintain an inner peace knowing that life is not conspiring against you. It is always working on your behalf to mold your heart and mind into the image of your Divine Creator. 







Channeled By Ellen Edmondson on 11/23/2013

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