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The Impact of Your Life is Greater Than You Realize

Posted on 11/21/2013

The impact of your life is greater than you realize--starting at your conception and lasting beyond your death. From the time your parents learned of your conception, you began impacting and changing lives. Before you were born, you made a difference. You are part of the history of the world and the specific generation you are here to influence. Your presence affects various lineages--family, culture, race, gender, religion, society, and overall humanity. Your existence--thoughts, words, behaviors, ideas, accomplishments, and teachings (everyone teaches by example) affects the people around you and the world-at-large in every moment.


Use your life to create beauty in the world. It really does not matter how others treat you. Their actions and reactions are the issues and lessons on their life path THEY have to work through. It only matters that you love and treat others well so you leave the world in a better state because you were here. Do not let words and behaviors take you away from the innate goodness that resides in each of you. Let your existence uplift, encourage, support, and inspire not judge, criticize, self promote and cause separation. Remember, EVERYONE is here to learn and grow. 


Always promote GOOD and nothing less. Be aware that the fragrance of your life will linger after you transition out of this physical reality. Let the fragrance you leave behind be so pleasing that the people you encounter will want to remember you often versus an odor of indifference or "anything less than good" that people cannot wait to forget.  


Never feel small or insignificant because you are mighty in every way and your contribution is necessary to the continued progress of humankind. You are a very special, unique person with gifts and talents the world must experience. Display the true beauty of who you really are by deepening your connection with your soul and letting your light shine.


Help people meet GOD face-to-face by using your life to demonstrate unconditional love, peace, truth, acceptance, harmony, cooperation, forgiveness, compassion, and anything GOOD. 


Channeled By Ellen Edmondson on 11/18/2013

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