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Strive To See Divinity

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 11/14/2014

I see in you that which is in me.

Striving to see the divinity in others is the best gift you can give to yourself, humankind, and to GOD. For you see, everyone and everything has a divine purpose whether you consciously realize it or not. Each person, situation, and circumstance you encounter has the ability to help transition you into your greatness—your GOD-likeness. Know that EVERY individual is a unique spark of the Divine. You were each created from LOVE by your Divine Creator for the purpose of loving and serving one another and every living creation with which you come in contact—animals and nature. You need only to fully embrace this truth to live a more awakened life.


You see, when you make unconditional love your dominate intent and expression it through your being, you move in sync with your SOURCE. Know that since you came from Divine Love and will return to Divine Love, it is only natural that you consciously live LOVE while incarnated in physical form. Operating in anything less is counter to your basic instincts which are grounded in your spiritual self.


So…go within. Align with the innate goodness and beauty within your soul, and strive to recognize this goodness in ALL those around you. Your divine nature naturally exists but so often gets pushed aside in order to embrace the ways of the world.


At a soul level, no one desires to be less than loving, less than their perfection. Your worldly experiences introduce darkness into your light. You must train yourselves to live beyond the expectations of your world and stay on a higher path. Then you naturally look for, call forth, and greet the divinity in others to interact with the divinity within yourself. You connect in the oneness you are meant to share and express. 



To recognize and interact with the divine nature in others, you must be willing to offer compassion and forgiveness for each other’s humanness and then look for the GOOD—the GOD-likeness--that exists. Doing this, you interact soul-to-soul.

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  11/13/2014   


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