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Give Thanks

Deepening Your Connection with Your Soul

Posted on 11/29/2015

In all situations and circumstances--no matter how they appear--GIVE THANKS. Know that a greater purpose and a higher perspective always exist for everything that happens.

You see, GOD is the potter and you are the clay. You are constantly being refined into a beautiful work of art. You are GOD's masterpiece. Everything and everyone you encounter is designed to help smooth your rough edges and bring out your unique qualities, strengths, and inner beauty for all to see.

Keep yourself centered in this understanding. Then you will always respond to all your life experiences with a heart filled with gratitude. At times you may not immediately see the purpose or benefit of an experience, however, know there is one and say "thank you". As all will be revealed with time.

At all times--have faith and GIVE THANKS.

Inspired writing by Ellen Edmondson on 11/22/2015

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All souls are one. Each is a spark of the original soul, and this soul is inherent in all souls.

~Hasidic Saying~

       October 2022


I am a strong, kind and loving soul.

~Ellen Edmondson~

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