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Connecting with that Still, Small Voice Within

Posted on 10/4/2013

THE PURPOSE OF LIFE is to deepen your connection with your soul so that you are always living the full expression of GOD through your being.  


All you have to do is open your hearts and minds and become receptive to the wisdoms, insights, and guidance contained within your soul and you will live in the "flow of life" with less struggle and more peace.  


You can do this by making a daily practice of the following activities. 




It is in the silence when wisdoms, insights, and guidance are whispered to your heart. 

Sit in silence for at least 30 minutes each day (15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening).  This helps to ground you in the present moment and gives you a chance to relax your mind and connect with the wisdoms of your soul.  Your soul is your direct link to GOD. It is during meditation when you quiet the chatter in your mind, that you can receive the guidance you need to hear, think about, act on, and incorporate into your daily life.

Affirmative prayers are always answered.

Prayer is another form of communing with the Divine.  It is an opportunity to make your feelings and requests known to the Universe, however, it is the intention and motivation behind the prayers that determines their manifestation.  Prayer and belief go hand-in-hand.  Submit your prayers and believe that it is on its way.  This unleashes the power of the great Creator to activate what are known as miracles into your life.      

Train your mind to think only on things that are positive and uplifting for yourself and others. This will allow abundance and good to flow to you all the days of your life.

Develop a set of affirmations that you recite a few times each day (morning, noon, and evening).  Keep them within eyesight in order to train your conscious mind to receive these messages and your subconscious mind to believe these messages. Then, you will activate the power of thought to influence and create the external circumstances and physical manifestations in your life.

Breathing is the foundation of your physical existence.  Air is the life force that makes the body function.  Use it properly and consciously. Do not take this for granted.  

Be conscious of your breathing pattern. Using proper breathing techniques is one way you can refresh your physical body and nourish your soul. Proper breathing oxygenizes each cell and creates a free flow of positive energy throughout the body.  It reduces the effects of stress, facilitates faster healings, and puts you into deeper states of relaxation which is needed to hear your inner guidance. When you exhale for the last time, your life will cease to exist in the physical world. Do not take this automatic activity for granted. Understand its power in your life and use it consciously to benefit your overall being.

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson – September 2013

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