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Transcript from Ellen's First Public Channeling Session

Posted on 10/4/2013

This message came through on June 29, 2013 during an Intuitive Awareness class Jon & Ellen took at Inspired Journeys located in Jessup, MD. The 6-week session was lead by Reverend Carolyn Hogan who is medium & channeler.


This is a most joyous occasion.  As this is Ellen's first time to talk publicly with us using her body. You got a glimpse earlier during Karen's reading and we thank you for letting her come out and build her confidence in her ability (to channel).


Carolyn you are the teacher she needed to be with.  As for when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Everyone in this room is being enlightened and uplifted by what you are offering to each of them.  For they are the souls that will go out into the world and begin to do great works in making others consciously aware of all they have to offer.  As many people do not understand and do not realize that, they are PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and WHOLE just the way they are. All they have to do is get realigned and connected with the purity of their souls. When this is done, they will be able to produce in the world the ability to love unconditionally and bring forth the wonderfulness and alignment in others with their souls in order to put out the beauty that is needed in the world.  


We are happy to be invited to sit among such wonderful people who are on the path.  The path that needs to be pursued at this time and in this generation to help awaken those who need to be awakened.  We are a collective group of Angels who are spreading a message of love.  Love is what is needed in the world along with an understanding that unconditional love heals all.  It heals all people in all situations.  That is what the world needs now.  It needs to embrace and experience this in order to change for the better--everyone coming together in love.  Love is the key for all healings. There is much more that we could say but we know this is a short demonstration for everyone.  


We just want to offer that all of you understand and realize YOU ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE.  A purpose bigger than you realize but if you get quiet and go within you will connect back to that purpose and the fact that every soul and every heart is meant to put unconditional love out into the world to begin to change situations.  The negative situations, the violence, the atrocities, the things that are not uplifting humankind.  The goal is to uplift and bring everyone back to a place of living in a loving creation--a paradise on Earth--,which can only be achieved by all people living, walking, and breathing in unconditional love.


We are done for now. We thank you for the opportunity to listen to this short message and we wish all of you peace and blessings.  There is much love for each of you here. And, we hope that we will be able to communicate again at some point in the future.


God bless you all and we are done.


Transcribed by Karen Phipps

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson – June 29, 2013

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