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Unconditional Love Begins with Self

Posted on 10/20/2013

Unconditional love begins with Self before it can be given away to others.  People cannot give others something they do not have within themselves. 


Most people have not experienced unconditional love in the physical realm, therefore, modeling it to others around them is not easy to do.  The type of love people give is the type of love experienced in their lifetime starting with family and then extending to friends, peers, and society at large. That love is usually conditional.  It's given based on an individual conforming to certain family and societal standards and expectations.


Starting at a early age, people are constantly bombarded with messages that who they are is not enough and this is completely incorrect.  Everyone is enough as they are---just for being born, just for being a child of the Divine.  However, once these message of inadequacy take root that is when the separation from self love, your core truth, and GOD begins.  


Take the necessary steps to learn to love yourself unconditionally--in a balanced, healthy way and not with conceit--and you will then be able to give that type of love away to others causing a ripple effect.


Unconditional love of self and others is the key to healing the hurts and wrong doings throughout humanity.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson on 3/9/2013

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