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What is Intuition & Why Is It Important?

Posted on 10/4/2013

What is Intuition?

Intuition is available to everyone at any given moment.  It is your sixth sense. It is your ability to perceive things with a knowing and understanding that defy the five senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting).  Think of it this way, intuition is the still, small voice inside you that guides your steps and lights your way in life if you pay attention to it.  It consists of the revelations, hunches, gut instincts, and knowing that seemingly comes out of nowhere. In a nutshell, it is the voice of Spirit nudging you in the direction of following your heart, staying true to yourself, and staying connected to your life's purpose.  


Why Is It Important?

The more you tap into this resource by opening yourself up to it, the easier your life will flow because....  

  • You will be more in tune with making decisions that are in the best interest of yourself and others at any given moment.
  • Your steps will be guided and supported more easily by Spirit.  
  • And, you will feel a greater sense of peace that you are pursuing your soul's purpose.

Although, connecting with and strengthening your intuition will not eliminate the challenges you face in life, it will make you mindful of the choices that feel right for you and that need to be acted upon.  Acting on what feels right in your core being will lead you to more peace.  This peace will let you know that you are doing the right thing at every step along your life's journey. 


How Do I Strengthen It?

Allowing yourself time to slow down and become comfortable with silencing the constant chatter in your mind, you actually open a space within yourself for communing with Spirit and receiving guidance. Your intuition is a way to tap into this loving, supportive guidance that is always available to you and working on your behalf.  Make time in your life--starting today--to sit in silence, quiet your mind, and practice deep breathing for at least 15 minutes or more each day. Besides the benefit of physical and mental relaxation, this practice will help you connect with, recognize, and strengthen this powerful sixth sense.  


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson – September 2013

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