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Your Soul's Imprint

Posted on 10/15/2013

Life on earth is a beautiful gift to those souls who choose to incarnate.  It is an opportunity to be a powerful co-creator with your GOD to develop wonderful new opportunities for positive change in the world.  Change is always an opportunity to do something different and better if it is driven by the right kind of intention.  If the intention is good, the opportunities will be uplifting to those who encounter them.  If the intention is anything less than good, the opportunities will be detrimental or oppressive to those who encounter them.  


Each person and all people need to decide if they are going to be contributors toward opportunities that create hope, inspiration, and upliftment or if they are going to contribute toward self promotion and personal agendas for themselves or a small group.  What is the mark—the soul imprint of your life—that you will leave in this world through your family, friends, and the people you outreach to at work, in the community, or in passing interactions? 


If people walk away from an encounter with you and cannot say that they are uplifted and inspired to feel better or be more than they were before your interaction, then you need to re-examine the energy and effort you are putting out into the world.  Each soul’s purpose is to provide unconditional love and a feeling of betterment to all who you encounter.  Think about this each day.…how is your life positively impacting the lives of those around you and what can you do differently to ensure that you are letting your light shine so others can receive a spark from you that enhances their flame.  Then, their light will shine brighter and their spark can be passed on to others they encounter creating a positive ripple effect.  Many people walk around unconscious—completely unaware—of the magnitude of the impact that their lives (thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors) have on others and the world around them. 


It only takes one person to spark a major positive change or it only takes one person to spark a major negative change in others and in the world.  Which side of life do you want to be on?  Do you want to be on the side that builds people up in order to create a heaven on earth or the side that is indifferent or belittles people, thus, creating hell on earth and discontentment in your lives. 


You choose, in every moment with every interaction, the future you will create and the imprint you leave behind.  Whether the interaction is a long time relationship or a passing encounter on the street, you choose in every moment and you create in every moment.  What will you choose?  What will your soul’s lasting imprint be on the lives of those you touch? What will you leave to those who encounter your light (your soul) each day?


Each of us is created to let our light shine brightly—no exceptions What will you do?  How will you choose?  Remember, because you have free will….THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS.



Channeled by Ellen Edmondson - 6/25/2013

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