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Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 10/5/2014

With stillness comes much clarity, understanding, wisdom, and inner peace. One of the most powerful ways you can connect with your soul and align with Divine Love is through stillness and silence. Make a daily practice of quieting the chatter in your mind so you can bring forth the guidance and wisdoms of your soul that are always available to you.


When you spend time communing with the Divine, you experience a shift to a broader, more open life perspective and you begin to live from a higher path—the path of light, love, and all that is good. Know that GOD’s still, small voice within is waiting for you to embrace its love, power, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. SPIRIT wants to communicate and align with your personality self in order to introduce great new works into the world.


BE STILL. Use prayer and meditation to strengthen your bond to your inner being and give your soul an avenue for its outward expression. Use these techniques to build a soul foundation rooted in unconditional love and light. Make time every day to sit in the beauty of silence. Experience the magnificence of “just being”, the pure perfection of YOU—your divine self--in any given moment.


Never underestimate the power and benefits of meditation. The more time you spend coming into alignment with the Divine the more blessed your existence becomes. Through your alignment, the world gets to experience the exquisite beauty and unique gifts of your soul.



Make time to “be still” every day. The benefits are life affirming—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually—and life altering. This simple practice will not only improve your life but also the lives of those you touch every day.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  10/4/2014            



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