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Go With the Flow of Life

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 9/24/2014

Go with the flow of life and do not resist anything. Embrace the natural unfolding of each day and all the experiences it offers to you. Some days everything goes smoothly and falls into place. This is when you are in sync with your life. Other days, things seem a little off or out of sorts. This is when you are introducing resistance into your approach with people, situations, and circumstances. Resistance comes in the form of misaligned thoughts, words, and behaviors.


You see, when you are out of alignment with your best, take time to figure out what is stopping you from embracing your natural state of well-being—good health, inner peace, and joy--which is constantly flowing to you if you will embrace it. Know that when well-being is lacking, you are cutting yourself off from experiencing all the GOOD that is waiting for you in every moment of every day.


Once you disconnect from your natural flow, you must find a way to get back to it. Change your attitude, adjust your perspective, do whatever it takes to move onto the higher path that gets you reconnected to self-love and all that is good. You see, when you are in harmony with your life, you are a co-creative partner with Divine Love. You experience only that which benefits you and serves your greater good.


Let nothing disturb you. Just practice recognizing and receiving the good around you, be flexible in your approach to all situations and circumstances, and adaptable in your perspectives so you always promote the best for all involved in any situation. Going with the flow brings forth many soul qualities—patience, gentleness, peace, forgiveness, etc.--that enable you to experience all you are meant to experience and ultimately give all you are meant to give to others and the world.


By living in the flow of life and not pushing against it, your self-awareness and self-confidence will set an example for others to follow. Let your light shine!



Be flexible, adaptable, and open. Go with the flow. By doing this, you experience an indescribable inner peace and maintain a higher perspective that gives you the opportunity to experience all the goodness that life and other people have to offer to you and you in turn can offer the same to others.

Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  9/23/2014            


Let Your Light Shine!


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