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Have Self-Control

Deepen Your Connection With Your Soul

Posted on 9/14/2014

Self-control is a means for living a more conscious life in any given moment. You see, to have self-control you must discipline of your mind, heart, and will to align with your true desires. When your true desires are to live your highest expression, you move into living your best life. Understand that, discipline supports an intention, an intention brings focus, focus brings alignment, alignment brings responsible choices, which leads to responsible actions and all of this leads to what is most important to you.


When you discipline yourself to focus and live from the higher aspects of yourself, you change your state of being from indifference or negativity to consciously bringing love and light to all your experiences. You see, the goal for each of you is not to be perfect according to human standards but to continually evolve into who you really are—a reflection of Divine Love. This takes time and work.


Set the intention to always be your best and then exercise self-control to get there. Practice disciplining your mind and your heart to respond with love and light in all of your encounters and nothing less. Do not get discouraged if you fall short since there is a lesson for growth in every situation. Just start over in that moment and move forward with renewed intention, self-awareness, and a desire to bring the best into your life and to live from this platform.


When you have self-control, you have the ability to create and bring forth all that is GOOD into your existence. You move confidently in your ability to do GOD’s works and walk surefooted on the path of your destiny.


This soul quality supports all the others. It helps them to manifest within you. It is through your use of self-control that they grow stronger or remain weak. Your divine qualities unfold according to the amount of attention you are willing to invest to develop them.


HAVE SELF-CONTROL and embrace healthy, uplifting disciplines--habits, techniques, methodologies, thought processes—that support your alignment with love and light which is who you really are. Then, watch as Spirit unfolds your life in grand ways that you may never have imagined.



Exercise self-control to align with all that is GOOD. Then you will master the means for living life more consciously, creatively, satisfying, and fulfilling. You become the bright Light you are meant to be.


Channeled by Ellen Edmondson  9/13/2014            


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