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Free Guided Journal

Thanks so much for purchasing a copy of my new book—A Place of Love & Light: A Journey Back to Compassion, Authenticity, and Making a Positive Contribution to the World. To show my appreciationI want to give you this gift.  It's a free guided journal to help enhance your experience while you read.


Please use this to write down any new thoughts and insights you gain as you set aside daily personal time to sit quietly with this collection of wisdom that will resonate deeply with your soul. Read the messages in the book slowly. Meditate, reflect, and journal on them. This guide allows you to write a summary of your thoughts and reflections after you read each chapter so you can capture the golden nuggets of insights and information you want to hold on to and share with others.


To claim your FREE gift, click the button above. Then enter your name and email address, and that's it. The journal will be delivered to you through email. Thanks again for your support.


Welcome to my A Place of Love & Light community.

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